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Send your little one back to school with confidence this year; join the Back To School Kids Gut Health Masterclass and you'll receive a FREE pantry staples checklist upon signing up. This course is packed with health tips, recipes and meal plans that are sure to improve their learning capacity for the year ahead.

Written in collaboration with 16 of Australia’s most highly regarded children’s health specialists, including leading Paediatric Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist Dr Marcelo Leal, this 3-week e-Course is designed to guide parents through topics relating to kids gut health including the immune system, food and behaviour, which pre and probiotics to use and when, stress management and fussy eating.

The Kids Gut Health Masterclass is easy to understand and implement at home, is completed online at your own pace and includes detailed meal plans with 150+ gut friendly recipes. We know that the healthy really does start from the inside and that gut health is linked to a huge number of health issues including the obvious (digestion, bowel movements and weight) as well as the not-so-obvious (mood, metabolism, the immune system, and behavioural issues such as ADD, ADHD and autism.)

Learn On-the-Go
Juggling schedules as a parent is tricky enough as it is. The Kids Health Gut Masterclass’s online accessibility means that you can fit learning into your day – and, most importantly, when it suits you best. Learn anywhere, anytime.

Advice from Experts & Parents

Experts and parents alike have come together to share both their knowledge and experience. Benefit your family through interacting with a supportive and like-minded community.

The A-Z Of The Power Of Food
From apples to zucchinis: we discuss the benefits of a whole foods regime, and explore how the constituents of certain foods may affect microflora health and behaviour. Discover the ease of integrating a balanced diet through our interviews and cooking demonstration videos.

Family-Friendly Resources
Tables, diagrams, you name it. We’ll provide you with exciting little extras to pop on the fridge or on the family noticeboard. We make learning about gut health fun for you – and fun for the whole family.


• Calling all mum's and dad's if you have little ones that have gut or digestions issues, are fussy eaters, or just want to learn more about your child's health and nutrition, then you need to sign up for Kids Health Gut Masterclass!
- Rachel Stewart

• I completed a Nutrition Degree and have a child – I have still been searching for reliable, up to date information to help my child reach her full potential. I couldn’t recommend this course highly enough. I am LOVING it.
- Mekaila

• Before Maxy was born I had heard about gut health but didn't really know how much of an impact it had on learning, development and overall health. I wanted to do everything I could to make him as healthy as possible and give him the best start to life so I enrolled in the Kids Gut Health Masterclass, which is being run by leading industry experts. Did you know that the first 3 years of life represent the most critical period for any dietary interventions to improve child growth, strengthen immunity and improve gut health? It feels a little overwhelming to learn this fact but the course has made it so easy by providing weekly meal plans to follow, video's to watch and there is a Facebook group where you can ask the doctors and experts questions. I would highly recommend this course to anyone with children!
- Jemma –

Kids Health Experts
Kids Health Experts

Our roster of experts include a nutritional neuroscientist, paediatric dietitians, a gastrointestinal dietitian, a psychologist, a medical scientist, holistic experts, naturopaths, and more. Some of them are parents of children with autism themselves, leading them to help others, as well. See the whole list here.

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